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Ex 2. The height in feet of a bottle rocket is given by where t is the time in seconds. D. What is the maximum height the bottle rocket reaches on its path? Ex 2. The height in feet of a bottle rocket is given by where t is the time in seconds. C. When does the rocket reach a height of 336 feet? 3 Ex 2. The height in feet of a bottle rocket A nice optimization problem is to determine how much water to put in the rocket body to obtain the maximum height, given an initial pressure. The equations derived here have been incorporated into an Excel spreadsheet which you can easily use to help you design a water rocket that reaches the maximum height possible.

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Jun 12, 2014 · a) Use the Quadratic Regression feature of your calculator to generate a mathematical model for this situation. Round to three decimals. b) Based on your model how high is the hill from which the rocket was launched ? Explain. c) Use your model to predict the height of the rocket at 3 seconds. How does this compare to the value in the data table?
How long did it take the rocket to reach its maximum height aft er the engine cut out? c. Estimate the time the rocket was in free fall before it reached the earth. 7. Use the table and graph in Item 5. a. Use a graphing calculator to determine a quadratic h(t) function for the data. b. Sketch the graph of the function on the grid in Item 5. 8. A model rocket, weight 0.50Ibf is launched vertically from level ground. The thrust of its motor is T=3.0Ibf and lasts for 2.4secs. After the motor shuts down, the rocket behaves as a ballistic projectile, reaching maximum height and then crashing to the ground . a & b) Calculate the height and the velocity of the rocket when the motor stops.

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Consider a rocket of initial mass M which it launched vertically at time t=0. The fuel is consumed at a constant rate q and is expelled at a constant speed V e relative to the rocket. At time t, the mass of the rocket shell and remaining fuel is M-qt, and the velocity is v. During the time interval t, a mass of fuel q t is expelled.
Its height, in feet above the ground, as a function of time, in seconds since it was fired, is given by the equation: h(t) = -16t2 + 112t. (a) At what height was the object fired? (b) Sketch a general curve of this equation below. (c) Algebraically, find the time that the rocket reaches its greatest height and the maximum height. b) The maximum height reached c) -At what height on its upward journey the bullet had a velocity of 100m.s 1 Example 3: A man standing on a rooftop 30m high throws a squash ball vertically upwards at 50m.s-1. Calculate: a) The maximum height reached b) The time taken to reach the maximum height c) The total time taken to hit the ground

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Since the velocity of the ball is $0 \frac{ft}{s}$ when the ball is at its maximum height of $132ft$, you can calculate it starting from there. Since this is more of a physics problem than a math problem, I'm going to do this the more Physics-y way. To make it easier, I'm converting this to meters. $132ft = 40.2336m \approx 40m$.
The rocket reaches a height of 23 m. What was the efficiency of the rocket in transforming chemical potential energy into gravitational potential energy? The Millennium Force is the highest roller coaster in North America. It reached a maximum height to 94.5 m. The total mass of the roller coaster car and its passengers is 1380 kg. Rocket Booster. A small rocket with a booster blasts off and heads straight upward. When at a height of . and velocity of 200.0 m/s, it releases its booster. (a) What is the maximum height the booster attains? (b) What is the velocity of the booster at a height of 6.0 km? Neglect air resistance.

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Example #3: A rocket is launched from the ground with an initial velocity of 144 ft/sec. (All work is to be done without using a calculator to graph. You may check your answers by graphing.) Write a function that represents this situation. At what time(s) will the rocket be 320 feet in the air? What is the maximum height of the rocket?
Oct 25, 2012 · Use either of the equation you chose in #8 to calculate the maximum height of your rocket. Show ALL work and steps as you did in #7. Enter this information in the data table. Now repeat the above steps for the other two launches in each case, solving for initial velocity (vo) and maximum height (x). The projection speed required to escape directly from the Earth's surface is about 36,700 feet per second. If a vehicle takes up unpowered flight (end of rocket propulsion) at an altitude of, say, 300 miles, it requires the somewhat lesser speed of 35,400 feet per second to escape into interplanetary space.

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Apr 06, 2018 · You can lay a string of known length along the ground between the observers. As the rocket passes its maximum altitude, observer #1 calls out "Take Data", and measures the angle a between the ground and the rocket. This measurement is taken perpendicular to the ground. Observer #1 then measures the angle b between the rocket and the reference ...
The maximum height of the object is the highest vertical position along its trajectory. The maximum height of the projectile depends on the initial velocity v 0, the launch angle θ, and the acceleration due to gravity. The unit of maximum height is meters (m). H = maximum height (m) v 0 = initial velocity (m/s) g = acceleration due to gravity ...At what height was the rocket launched? c. What was the maximum height of the rocket? 32 d. When did the rocket reach its maximum height? e. Identify the domain and range. 2. What is the volume of a rectangular prism with length 4x 2y, width 3xy 6, and height 6x 4y2? 3. Which equation represents the line shown? A. 1 y x 2 2 = − − B. y ...

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Its height, in feet above the ground, as a function of time, in seconds since it was fired, is given by the equation: h(t) = -16t2 + 112t. (a) At what height was the object fired? (b) Sketch a general curve of this equation below. (c) Algebraically, find the time that the rocket reaches its greatest height and the maximum height.
What height is reached by a 4.0kg ball that is thrown vertically up into the air with an initial velocity of 8.5ms1 if by the time it is height (h) metres above the starting point it has a ... what is the maximum height reached by the rocket? A model rocket is launched straight upward with an initial speed of 48.3 m/s. It accelerates with a constant upward acceleration of 2.23 m/s^2 until its engines stop at an altitude of 160 m. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s^2.

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= average weight of rocket v m = maximum velocity during motor burn Finally we can calculate some ideal values for our rocket. Given the picture of our rocket in Figure 2, lets figure out our altitude at burnout and our maximum altitude theoretically. Using my kids' Alpha rocket with an A8-3 motor in-stalled, it weighs 38.8 grams at lift off.
Maximum height; deploys. Rocket descends. drawn to 2002Bl. A model rocket of mass 0.250 kg is launched vertically with an engine that is ignited at time t = O, as shown above. The engine provides an impulse of 20.0 Nes by firing for 2.0 s. Upon reaching its maximum height, the rocket deploys a parachute, and then descends vertically to the ground.

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Calculate the maximum height reached by the stone as measured from the point where it is thrown. –1 –2 2b. Determine the time for the stone to reach the surface of the sea after leaving Lucy’s hand. 3a. An elastic climbing rope is tested by fixing one end of the rope to the top of a crane. The other end of the rope is connected to a block
Using the equations the maximum height of the rocket will be 70 meters (230 ft). It is noted that the rocket veers of course reaching a final angle of 11 degrees with respect to vertical. This angle would lead to a decrease in height of about 5 percent.